A1 Theming projects and applications

Since the beginning of this new millennium A1 (Acrylic One) material has been successfully applied world-wide in various Theming projects and applications.

Besides the well-known benefits of composites (freedom of shape, light weight and strong), A1 has a superior fire resistance and absence of smoke generation during fire.

The components are a powder component based on calcium sulphate (CaSO4) and an acrylate-based liquid. After mixing of these components the resin can be processed to make products.

The resin is water-based and does not generate the emission of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Solvents). Additional filler (e.g. sand) can be added to the mixture as well.

Specially in combination with a glass fibre reinforcement, thin-walled products can be made with a complex shape and with a low weight.

Because of the short curing time, short production times are possible. This enables an efficient production process.

Glass Fiber Reinforced A1 (Acrylic One)

Glass Fiber Reinforced A1 (Acrylic One) is often used as a replacement for Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester and even for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete both internally and externally.

A1 has excellent fire resistance properties and can be used for projects with high fire resistance requirements.

A1 can overcome many of the problems associated with GRP, a material that is becoming less favoured by specifiers because of its inherent toxic fume and dense smoke emissions in fire and its poor performance after long exposure to ultraviolet.

In comparison with GRC, A1 offers much greater versatility as a panelized theming system in that the manufacturing tolerance can be much tighter and in situation where the weight per m² is critical.

By using our A1 Triaxial glass fibre, it is possible to create lightweight elements with a thickness of approx. 6 mm and a weight of ca 12 kg/m².

This makes A1 elements applicable where other materials become too heavy. This also simplifies the installation of the A1 elements.

A1 has excellent fire resistance properties

A1 can be used for projects with high fire resistance requirements. 

European classification in accordance with EN 13501-1:2002: 

A1 LP01 and A1 Triaxial Fabric:

After adding 35% of sand to the A1 mixture:

USA fire rating in accordance with ASTM E84-15b

A1 LP01 and A1 Triaxial Fabric:
FSI: 20 and SDI: 15

Imitate natural stone, concrete, wood or even metal

After mixing the A1 Liquid with the A1 Powder the A1 has a liquid form before it starts to harden. This gives you, in combination with a mould the opportunity to create almost any form. This creates interesting opportunities for designers who are looking for special forms in their design or would like to imitate other materials like:

Substitute for natural stone
Natural stone is traditionally the material for walls and columns. Natural stone is precious, and its strength varies considerably. Many natural types of stone can be and be replaced by thin A1 wall panels with the desired look.

Substitute for concrete
Decorative elements are often executed in a concrete appearance. By adding pigments and fillers it is possible to achieve a large number of different concrete radiations to the A1, but with enormous weight savings in panels.

Substitute for wood Wood is a widely used material for façades and decoration. Panels made of A1 not only have the appearance of wood but also meet the highest fire requirements.

Substitute for metal
Various metal powders are added to A1, allowing different metal radiations to be achieved, such as bronze, iron, copper and zinc. For A1 façades, we only add these metal powders in the top layer, to achieve the desired appearance with only little metal.

Substitute for brick
Bricks are traditionally the materials for load-bearing walls and columns. A1 can serve as a good alternative to these materials. Brick as a load-bearing material has declined sharply in recent decades. With the introduction of the cavity wall, solid brick exterior walls can be replaced by thin A1 wall panels with a brick look.

Substitute for 
almost any structure and expression you would like to achieve. All examples on the left are made on (silicone) moulds with Triaxial Glass Reinforced A1 combined with different pigments and fillers. Creating an unlimited number of possibility of structures and expressions. 

A1 World Wide available

A1 is world wide available. Next to our extensive distribution network in Europe we have partnerships in South Africa, China, Malaysia, Australia and Russia (via Latvia). A1 for the Middle East is represented by our distributors in Dubai and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If no partner or distributor is nearby we ship A1 World Wide via the port of Rotterdam, which is only 20 km from our Headquarter.

Visit the overview of partners and distributors at www.activecomposite.com